Accepted Papers-2014

Presentation modality: ORAL (12 full papers) – Check the program soon for presentation details

-Hitalo Silva and Carmelo J. A. Bastos Filho.
Inter-Domain Routing for Communication Networks Using Hierarchical Hopfield Neural Networks

-Marco Benalcázar, Marcel Brun, Virginia Ballarin and Roberto Hidalgo.
Automatic Design of Ensembles of Window Operators for Ocular Image Segmentation

-Willamos Silva and Carmelo J. A. Bastos Filho.
Comparing Meta-heuristics for AdaBoost Training Applied to Platelets Detection

-Christian E. Portugal Zambrano, Juan Carlos Gutiérrez Cáceres, César Armando Beltrán Castañón and Yván Jesús Túpac Valdivia.
Classifier system for normality pre-diagnosis from MRI brain images in cerebral pathology studies

-Diego Sebastián Comas, Gustavo Javier Meschino, Marcel Brun and Virginia Laura Ballarin.
Label-based Type-2 Fuzzy Predicate Classification applied to the design of morphological W-operators for image processing

-Mauricio Améstegui and Humberto Calderón.
Noise reduction and signal separation procedure for SMR-based BCIs

-Dennis R. C. Silva and Carmelo J. A. Bastos Filho.
A Speed-Constrained Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimizer Guided by a Diversity Metrics

-Carla Caldeira Takahashi and Antônio Pádua Braga.
Extreme Learning Explicit Mapping Approach for Support Vector Machines

-Diego Jose Rativa Millan and Bruno Jose Torres Fernandes.
Optical Astigmatism Detection by Using a Lateral Inhibition Pyramidal Neural Network

-Alan Sa, Nadia Nedjah and Luiza Mourelle.
Distributed Efficient Localization in Swarm Robotics Using Min-Max and Particle Swarm Optimization

-Luiz C.B. Torres, Frederico Coelho, Cristiano Castro and Antônio Pádua Braga.
A Graph of Gabriel Approach for Large Margin Classifiers

-José Tascón and Humberto Loaiza.
Global Optimization for Featured-Based Range Registration

Presentation modality: POSTER (8 full papers) – Check the program soon for presentation details

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-Felipe Omena, Luis Menezes, Fernando Buarque and Paulo Cordeiro.
ABSSLibrary: a Tool to Reuse Social Simulation Features in Different Domains

-Daniel Garcia, Efrén Gorrostieta and Emilio Vargas.
A Review on Incremental Machine Learning in Robot Control

-Sergio Campello Oliveira, Gutierre Andrade Duarte and Humberto Beltrão Da Cunha-Junior.
Unified Coordination-Comunication Strategy to Swarm Controlled Mobile Wireless Sensor Network

-Claudia Victoria Lopez Torres, Jesus Carlos Pedraza-Ortega, José-Emilio Vargas-Soto, Artemio Sotomayor Olmedo, Juan-Manuel Ramos-Arreguin and Marco Aceves-Fernandez.
A Comparative Analysis of Wavelet Transforms for its use in 3D object Reconstruction

-Gonzalo Acuna, Millaray Curilem, Fernanda Garrido, Francisco Cubillos and Beatriz Araya.
NARX SVM Models to Predict MTBF and MTTR of Heavy Mining Equipment

-Francisca De Fátima Do Nascimento Silva, Adrião Duarte Dória Neto, Paulo Sérgio Lucio and Eduardo Henrique Silveira de Araujo.
An Hybrid Model for Oil Production Curves Prediction

-David Alain Do Nascimento, Sergio Campello Oliveira, Cristóvão Zuppardo Rufino and Marcílio André Felix Feitosa.
Design and Implementation of Autonomous Quadrotor Units for a Swarm of Robots Application

-Andrés Barragán, Paola Duquino, Wilson López and Alvaro Orjuela.
Study of MLP Neural Network for Survive Prediction in Thoracic Surgery Patients