Best Full-Papers

Oral Sessions:

1. Automatic Design of Ensamble of Window Operators for Ocular Imagen Sementation.
-Marco Benalcázar, Marcel Brun, Virginia Ballarin and Roberto Hidalgo.

2. Comparing Meta-Heuristic for AdaBoost Training Applied to Platelets Detection
-Willamos Silva and Carmelo J. A. Bastos Filho.

Poster Sessions:

1. Unified Coordination Comunication strategy to Swarm Controlled Mobile Wireless Sensor Network
-Sergio Campello Oliveira, Gutierre Andrade Duarte and Humberto Beltrão Da Cunha-Junior.

2. ABSS Library a tool to Reuse Social Simulation Features in Different Domains.
-Felipe Omena, Luis Menezes, Fernando Buarque and Paulo Cordeiro.