Accepted papers LA-CCI-2015




-A Discretized Differential Evolution Algorithm for the Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks
Leandro Hattori, Heitor Lopes and Fabrício Lopes

-A Novel Educational Timetabling Solution through Recursive Genetic Algorithms
Shara Alves, Saulo Oliveira and Ajalmar Rocha Neto

-An Adaptive Filtering Approach for Segmentation of Tuberculosis Bacteria in Ziehl-Neelsen Sputum Stained Images
Victor Ayma, Rodrigo De Lamare and Benjamin Castaneda

-An Efficient Method to Determine Strain Profiles on FBGs by Using Differential Evolution and GPU
Lucas H. Negri, Heitor S. Lopes, Marcia Muller, José L. Fabris and Aleksander Paterno.

-An Evaluation of Forecasting Methods for Anticipating Spare Parts Demand
Breno Menezes, Diego de Siqueira Braga, Bernd Hellingrath and Fernando B. Lime Neto.

-An Improved Genetic Algorithms-based Seam Carving Method
Saulo Oliveira and Ajalmar Rocha Neto.

-Analysis of the Dynamic Traveling Salesman Problem with Weight Changes
Renato Tinós.

-Association Rule Mining using a Bacterial Colony Algorithm
Danilo Cunha, Rafael Xavier, Daniel Ferrari and Leandro De Castro.

-Automatic design of algorithms for optimization problems
Carlos Contreras Bolton and Victor Parada.

-Data Assimilation by Artificial Neural Networks for the global FSU atmospheric model: Surface Pressure
Rosangela Cintra, Haroldo Campos Velho, Juliana Anochi and Steve Cocke.


-Differential Evolution Variants and MILP for the Pipeline Network Schedule Optimization Problem
Jonas Krause, Edson Luiz Sieczka Jr and Heitor Silverio Lopes.

-Feature Selection based on Binary Particle Swarm Optimization and Neural Networks for Pathological Voice Detection
Taciana Souza, Micael Souza, Washington Costa, Silvana Costa, Suzete Correia and Vinicius Vieira.

-Fuzzy Control of a Simulated Hexacopter
Emanoel Koslosky, Marco Wehrmeister, João Fabro and André Oliveira.

-Fuzzy Gain Scheduling Design Based on Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization
Ginalber Luiz De Oliveira Serra and Edson Bruno Marques Costa.

-Genetic algorithm for type-2 assembly line balancing
Celso Gustavo Stall Sikora, Thiago Cantos Lopes, Heitor Silvério Lopes and Leandro Magatão.

-Human-Machine Musical Composition in Real-Time Based on Emotions Through a Fuzzy Logic Approach
Pedro Lucas, Efraín Astudillo and Enrique Peláez.

-Integrating Collective Intelligence into Evolutionary Multi-Objective Algorithms: Interactive Preferences
Daniel Lopes Cinalli, Luis Martí, Nayat Sanchez-Pi and Ana Cristina Bicharra Garcia.

-Iterated Local Search Adapted to Clustering and Routing Problems
Mariana Guersola and Maria Teresinha Steiner.

-Learning Fuzzy Classification Rules from Imbalanced Datasets using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm
Edward Hinojosa Cardenas, Heloisa Camargo and Yván Jesús Túpac Valdivia.

-Long-term Power Consumption Demand Prediction: a comparison of Energy associated and Bayesian modeling approach
Cristian Rodriguez Rivero.

-MOEA/D with Adaptive Operator Selection for the Environmental/Economic Dispatch Problem
Richard Goncalves, Carolina Almeida, Josiel Kuk and Aurora Pozo.

-Multi-Class Classification of Objects in Images Using Principal Component Analysis and Genetic Programming
Manassés Ribeiro and Heitor Silvério Lopes.

-On Line Fuzzy Learning Maximum Likelihood–Instrumental Variable Evolving Algorithm
Orlando Donato Rocha Filho and Ginalber Luiz De Oliveira Serra.

-On Subspace Projection Autoassociative Memories Based on Linear Support Vector Regression
Marcos Eduardo Valle and Emely Pujólli Silva.

-On The High-Frequency Financial Forecasting Problem with Multilayer Perceptron Models
Ricardo de A. Araújo, Adriano L. I. Oliveira and Silvio Meira.

-Optimal selection of factors using Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks for the prediction of students’ academic performance
Omar Augusto Echegaray Calderón and Dennis Barrios-Aranibar.

-Resolution of Bin Packing Problems Using Augmented Neural Networks
Ricardo de Almeida and Maria Teresinha Arns Steiner.

-(RETIRADO POR NÃO REGISTRO) Robustness Analysis…

-Smart placement of RSU for vehicular networks using multiobjective evolutionary algorithms
Renzo Massobrio, Santiago Bertinat, Sergio Nesmachnow, Jamal Toutouh and Enrique Alba.

-Soft-UCT: An algorithm for probabilistic planning based on a generalized mean operator
Luisa Almeida and Carlos Ribeiro.

-Stock Market Volatility Prediction Using Possibilistic Fuzzy Modeling
Leandro Maciel, Fernando Gomide and Rosangela Ballini.

-Towards Statistical Convergence Criteria for Mutation-Based Evolutionary Algorithms
Felipe Campelo.

-Training of an Artificial Neural Network with Backpropagation Algorithm Using Notification Oriented Paradigm
Fernando Schütz, Joao Alberto Fabro, Carlos Raimundo Erig de Lima, Adriano Francisco Ronszcka, Paulo Cesar Stadzisz and Jean Marcelo Simão.

-Upper-Limb Movement Classification Through Logistic Regression sEMG Signal Processing
Vinicius Cene and Alexandre Balbinot.

-Visual homography based pose estimation of a quadrotor using spectral features
Gastón Araguás, Claudio Paz, Gonzalo F. Perez Paina and Luis Rafael Canali.



-A new approach using Hidden Markov Model for generating movie captions to aid the hearing impaired, which is capable of visual encoding emotional information
Marlon Chalegre and Fernando B. Lime Neto.

-A New Vector Evaluated PBIL Algorithm for Reinsurance Analytics
Omar Andres Carmona Cortes, Andrew Rau-Chaplin and Pedro Felipe Do Prado

-A Study on Topics Identification on Twitter using Clustering Algorithms
Marjori Klinczak and Celso A. A. Kaestner.

-An Approach to real-coded Quantum Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm using Particles Filter
Josimar Edinson Chire-Saire and Yván Jesús Túpac.

-An Optimization Model for the Indoor Access Point Placement Problem with Different Types of Obstacles
Alexandre Alberto Politi, Lincoln Cesar Zamboni, Rodrigo Pasti and Leandro Nunes De Castro.

-Artificial music pattern generation with genetic algorithms
Francisco Vílchez, Jose Astuvilca Fuster and Cesar Beltran.

-Artificial Neural Network Models for Diagnosis Support of Drug and Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis
Luiz Henrique Ramos de Azevedo Évora, José Manoel de Seixas and Afranio Lineu Kritski.

-Thresholding of Biological Images By Using Evolutionary Algorithms
Rocio Ochoa-Montiel, Carlos Sánchez-López and Jesus Antonio González-Bernal.


-Comparison of Differential Evolution Variants for the Molecular Ligand-Receptor Docking Problem
Camila De Magalhães, Vanessa Dias and Laurent Dardenne.

-Differential Evolution Optimization Applied in Multivariable Nonlinear Model-Based Predictive Control
Gabriel Hermann Negri, Victor Hugo Bueno Preuss, Mariana Santos Matos Cavalca and José de Oliveira.

-From architecture to manufacturing: An accurate framework for optimal OTA design
Rodrigo A. L. Moreto, Carlos E. Thomaz, Antonio L. P. Rotondaro and Salvador P. Gimenez.

-Learning OWA Filters for SAR imagery using Genetic Algorithms.
Leonardo Torres, Jose Carlos Becceneri, Corina Freitas, Sidnei Santanna and Sandra Sandri.


-Metaheuristics for Feature Selection in Handwritten Digit Recognition
Leticia Seijas, Raphael Carneiro, Clodomir Santana, Larissa Soares, Sabrina Bezerra and Carmelo J. A. Bastos Filho.

-NARX Neural Network Model for Predicting Availability of a Heavy Duty Mining Equipment
Gonzalo Acuna, Millaray Curilem, Francisco Cubillos, Beatriz Araya, Guisselle Segovia, Carlos Perez and Cristian Huanquilef.

-Neural Network Design for Data Compression based on Kernel PCA: Rate-Distortion and Complexity Analysis
Vitor Elias and José Gabriel Gomes.

-Novelty Detection in Passive SONAR Systems using Support Vector Machines
Natanael Nunes de Moura Junior and José Manoel de Seixas.

-Pattern recognition in trunk images based on co-occurrence descriptors: a proposal applied to tree species identification
Adriano Bressane.

-Performance Comparizon of Unorganized Recurrent Neural Network Applied to Streamflow Forecasting of Sobradinho Plant
Hugo Siqueira and Ivette Luna.

-Prediction of the Criticality of a Heavy Duty Mining Equipment
Millaray Curilem, Gonzalo Acuña, Cristian Huanquilef, Francisco Cubillos, Beatriz Araya, Guiselle Segovia and Carlos Pérez.

-Rainfall Prediction for Manaus, Amazonas with Artificial Neural Networks
Patrick Magalhães de Lima and Elloa Guedes.

-Solving Multi-Objective Problems with MOEA/D and Quasi-Simplex Local Search
Lucas Prestes, Carolina Almeida and Richard Goncalves.

-Supply Chain Management and Metaheuristic Algorithms: analysing a new hybrid genetic crossover operator
Felipe Gustavo Silva Teodoro, Daniel M. M. Costa, Sarajane M. Peres and Clodoaldo Lima.