Accepted Papers-2016

1 Nayeth Solorzano Alcivar, Louis Sanzogni and Luke Houghton
Fuzzy QCA applicability for a refined selection of drivers affecting IS adoption: The case for Ecuador

2 Lizeth Stefania Benavides Cabrera and Eduardo Costa Da Silva
Enhanced Neuro-Genetic model aimed at optimizing the sensitivity of GMI sensors, subjected to linearity and span constraints

3 Victor Mayrink and Henrique Hippert
A Hybrid Method Using Exponential Smoothing and Gradient Boosting for Short-Term Load Forecasting

4 Ricardo Castro-Garcia and Johan A.K. Suykens
Wiener System Identification using Best Linear Approximation within the LS-SVM framework

5 Yara de Souza Tadano, Hugo Siqueira and Thiago Antonini Alves
Unorganized Machines to Predict Hospital Admissions for Respiratory Diseases

6 Sabrina G. T. A. Bezerra, Camila B. Andrade and Mêuser J. S. Valença
Reservoir Computing for Streamflow Forecasting

7 Hugo Siqueira, Levy Boccato and Ivette Luna
Unorganized Neural Networks Applied to Streamflow Forecasting of Passo Real Hydroelectric Plant

8 Vital Dupleix, Danilo Araújo and Carmelo J. A. Bastos Filho
Designing the Optical Network of Haiti Using a Multiobjective Evolutionary Approach

9 Cristian Rodriguez Rivero, Julian Pucheta, Alvaro Orjuela Cañon and Leonardo Franco
Noisy Chaotic time series forecast approximated by combining Reny entropy with Energy associated to series method: application to rainfall series

10 Leonardo Franco, José Rodríguez-Alabarce, Jose M. Jerez, Francisco Ortega and Kusha Goreishi
Thermal Comfort Estimation Using a Neurocomputational Model

11 Johnny Alexander Bastidas Otero, Salvador Pacheco, Eduardo Costa Da Silva, Elisabeth Costa Monteiro and Carlos Roberto Hall Barbosa
Application of genetic algorithms to the solution of the biomagnetic inverse problem, using data acquired by a 16-channel SQUID system

12 Diana Alejandra Bonilla Cardona, Nadia Nedjah and Luiza De Macedo Mourelle
Online Pattern Recognition for Portuguese Phonemes using Multi-layer Perceptron Combined with Recurrent Non-linear Autoregressive Neural Networks with Exogenous Inputs

13 Andres Quintero Zea, Monica Rodriguez Calvache, Sandra Trujillo Orrego, Francisco Vargas Bonilla, Natalia Trujillo Orrego and Jose D. Lopez
EEG Graph Analysis for identification of Ex-Combatants: A Machine Learning Approach

14 José Aguilar and Jorge Omar Portilla
Adaptive hybrid recommender system of learning objects

15 Raphael Carneiro and Carmelo J. A. Bastos Filho
Improving the Binary Fish School Search Algorithm for Feature Selection

16 Luis Fernando Ruiz Pineda, Alberto Luiz Serpa and Jorge Luiz Biazussi

17 Alvaro Gustavo Talavera, Leonardo Forero, Manoela Kholer and Marco Aureilo Pacheco
Characterization of Sustainability using Fuzzy Opinion Systems

18 Adriana Vega and Wilfredo Flores
A Type-2 Fuzzy Logic System Approach to Train Honduran Coffe Cuppers

19 Victor Lima and Carmelo J. A. Bastos Filho
An Approach Based on Network Science to Detect Communities in Social Networks

20 Leonardo Alves Dias and Cleonilson Protasio Souza

21 Carlos Andrés Duarte Salazar, Diego H. Peluffo Ordóñez, Andrés Orozco Duque, Jaime A. Guzmán Luna, Catalina Tobón and Miguel Alberto Becerra Botero
Comparison Between Unipolar And Bipolar Electrograms For Detecting Rotor Tip From 2D Fibrillation Model Using Image Fusion. A Simulation Study

22 Carlos Magno Valle, Ricardo Tanscheit and Leonardo Forero Mendoza
Computed-Torque Control of a Simulated Bipedal Robot with Locomotion by Reinforcement Learning

23 David Martínez and Eduardo Mojica-Nava
Correlation as a Measure for Fitness in Multi-agent Learning Systems

24 Fannia Pacheco, Mariela Cerrada, René-Vinicio Sánchez, Diego Cabrera, Chuan Li and Jose Valente de Oliveira
A methodological framework using statistical tests for comparing machine learning based models applied to fault diagnosis of rotating machinery

25 Rodrigo de Carvalho, Ricardo de Camargo, Alexandre Martins and Rodney Saldanha
A parallel heuristics for the single allocation hub location problem

26 Marcelo Freire and Meuser Valença
Hybrid Approach Between Reservoir Computing and Machine Learning for Wind Generation Forecast in Real Time

27 Esteban Garzón, Santiago Valdiviezo, René Játiva and Josep Vidal
Fast Computation of Cramer-Rao Bounds for TOA

28 Jenniffer Sidney Guerrero Prado and Wilfredo Alfonso Morales
Model Predictive Control using Adaptive Task Allocation for Optimization of Networks with Traffic Lights

29 Daniel Rivas and Marley Vellasco
Spatial Filter Comparison for a Brain Computer Interface

30 Gonzalo Acuña and Hans Moller
Indirect Training of Gray-Box Models using LS-SVM and Genetic Algorithms

31 Eduardo Fernandez
Classification based on Clustering Techniques for m-ary Constellations Distorted by Phase Noise

32 Luis Chamba-Eras, Ana Arruarte and Jon A. Elorriaga
Bayesian Networks to Predict Reputation in Virtual Learning Communities

33 Inzamam Rahaman and Patrick Hosein
On the Multi-Stage Influence Maximization Problem

34 Daniel de Sousa Leite, Karla Figueiredo and Marley Vellasco
Robotic device for mobility assistance to elderly people in urban environments

35 Kevin Christian Rodríguez-Siu, Dennis Barrios-Aranibar and Raquel E. Patiño-Escarcina
Essence-Based Clustering: A Multi-Strategic and Highly-Customizable Clustering Approach

36 Miguel Nunez-Del-Prado
Toward a Route Detection Method base on Detail Call Records

37 Ricardo Medina, Juan Pablo Lata, Diego Paul Chacon Troya and Diego Xavier Morales
Health Index Assessment for Power Transformers With Thermal Upgraded Paper up to 230kV Using Fuzzy Inference Systems

38 Josimar Chire and Yvan Tupac
FP-AK-QIEAR-R in protein folding applications

39 Igor Russo, Heder Bernardino and Helio Barbosa
A Parallel Multi-GPU Clonal Selection Algorithm for Optimization Using OpenCL and OpenMP

40 Juan Paredes, Cristhian Jacinto, Renzo Ramírez, Ismael Vargas and Luis Trujillano
Fuzzy-PD Controller for Behavior Mixing and Improved Performance in Quadcopter Attitude Control Systems

41 Renato Da Rocha, Leonardo Forero, Harold de Mello Jr, Manoela Kohler and Marley Vellasco
Polarity Classification on Web-based Reviews using Support Vector Machine

42 Yuri Tavares, Nadia Nedjah and Luiza De Macedo Mourelle
Hardware/Software Co-design System for Template Matching using Particle Swarm Optimization and Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient

43 Alimed Celecia, René González and Marley Vellasco
Feature Selection Methods Applied to Motor Imagery Task Classification

44 Salvador Botello-Aceves, S. Ivvan Valdez and Hector M. Becerra
Concurrent Design Optimization of the Delta manipulator

45 Amílcar Mata Díaz and Ramon Pino Perez
Manipulability in Logic Based Fusion

46 Mónica Viviana Rodríguez Calvache, Andres Quintero Zea, Sandra Trujillo Orrego, Natalia Trujillo Orrego and José David López
Hincapié Clasifying Artifacts and Neural EEG Components using SVM

47 Carlos Celemin and Javier Ruiz-Del-Solar
Extending COACH to Address Challenging Learning Problems

48 Luciano Leal and Byron Bezerra
Smartphone Camera Document Detection Via Geodesic Object Proposals

49 Johnny Torres, Enrique Peláez and Carmen Vaca ProximityRank: Who are nearest influentials?

50 Joao Gomes, Diego Mesquita, Ananda Freire and Amauri Souza Junior Outlier Robust Minimal Learning Machine

51 Jonathan Alexander Núñez-Humán and Yván Túpac
Multiprocessor Task Scheduling on Heterogeneous Environments by a Hybrid Chemical Reactions Optimization

52 Mateo Puerto, Tania Vargas and Angel Cruz-Roa
A Digital Pathology Application for Whole-Slide Histopathology Image Analysis based on Genetic Algorithm and Convolutional Networks

53 Jose Panigua, Jesus Lopez and Johnny Posada
Programmable Three-Phase Voltage Source Controlled by Fuzzy Logic

54 Jose Alejandro Salazar-Castro
Dimensionality reduction for interactive data visualization via a Geo-Desic approach

55 Clodomir J. Santana Junior, Caio Victor E. Albuquerque and Sergio Campello Oliveira
Simulation of PSO Algorithm Applied on Swarm Robotics Using V-REP Simulation Platform

56 Hugo Santos, Bruno Fernandes and Sérgio Murilo M. Fernandes
An AutoAssociative Neural Network for Image Segmentation

57 Miguel Goenaga-Jimenez
Data Analysis for Spatial-Spectral Interactions in Unsupervised Hyperspectral Unmixing

58 Rodrigo de Carvalho and Gisele Mendes
An efficient heuristic for capacitated centered clustering problem