Accepted Papers-2017


1 Luiz Verçosa, Rodrigo Monteiro and Carmelo J. A. Bastos Filho

Combining a Novel Feeding Operator and Recent Advances to Improve the Fish School Search

2 Rodrigo Monteiro, Gabriel Lima, José Paulo Oliveira, Daniel Von Sohsten C. Cunha and Carmelo J. A. Bastos Filho

Accelerating the Convergence of Adaptive Filters for Active Noise Control Using Particle Swarm Optimization

9 Simon Wessing and Mike Preuss.

The True Destination of EGO is Multi-local Optimization

12 César Manuel Vargas BenÍtez, Leandro Takeshi Hattori and Heitor Silvério Lopes.

A Deep Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Approach Applied to the Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Problem

15 Pedro Henrique Silva Coutinho and Thiago Pereira Das Chagas.

Proposition of New Hybrid Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms – Application to Breast Cancer Dataset

16 Matheus Gutoski, Manassés Ribeiro, Nelson Marcelo Romero Aquino, André Lazzaretti and Heitor Lopes.

A Clustering-Based Deep Autoencoder for One-Class Image Classification

18 Rafael de Paula Garcia, Beatriz de Souza L. P. de Lima and Afonso Celso de Castro Lemonge.

A Surrogate Assisted Differential Evolution to Solve Constrained Optimization Problems

21 Miguel Nunez-Del-Prado, Hugo Alatrista-Salas, Bruno Esposito and Maria Valdivieso.

Measuring the Gender Discrimination: a Machine Learning Approach

22 Igor Santos, Nadia Nedjah and Luiza Mourelle.

Sentiment Analysis using Convolutional Neural Network with fastText Embeddings

27 Rodrigo Barbosa de Santis, Eduardo Pestana de Aguiar and Leonardo Goliatt.

Predicting Material Backorders in Inventory Management using Machine Learning

28 Joelmir Ramos Da Costa, Nadia Nedjah, Luiza de Macedo Mourelle and Daniel Ramos Da Costa.

Crowd Abnormal Detection Using Artificial Bacteria Colony and Kohonen’s Neural Network

29 Flavio Muñoz, Edgar N. Sanchez, Yudong Xia and Shiming Deng.

Real-Time Neural Optimal Controller for a Direct Expansion (DX) Air Conditioning (A/C) System

38 Gonzalo Urcid, Rocio Morales-Salgado and Gerhard X Ritter.

Multivariate data mapping based on dendritic lattice associative memories

45 Gildo Ferrúcio Dantas and Sergio Campello Oliveira.

Development of a Smartphone Controlled Quadrotor: A Testbed for Autonomous Applications

46 Larbi Djilali, Oscar Suarez, Edgar Sanchez, Alma Alanis and Aldo Pardo.

Real-time Neural Backstepping Control for a Helicopter Prototype

49 Pedro Santos, Mariana Macedo, Elliackin Figueiredo, Clodomir Santana, Fabiana Soares, Hugo Siqueira, Alexandre Maciel, Anuhandra Gokhale and Carmelo J. A. Bastos Filho

Application of PSO-Based Clustering Algorithms on Educational Databases

60 João Bertini.

A methodology for enhancing data quality for classification purposes using Attribute-based Decision Graphs

61 Jan Franco Llerena Quenaya and Cristian José López Del Alamo.

Non-rigid 3D Shape Classification based on Convolutional Neural Networks

64 Breno Menezes, Fabian Wrede, Herbert Kuchen and Fernando Buarque

Parameter Selection for Swarm Intelligence Algorithms – Case Study on Parallel Implementation of FSS

68 Vinicius Carius de Souza, Leonardo Goliatt and Priscila Capriles Goliatt.

Clustering Algorithms Applied on Analysis of Protein Molecular Dynamics

69 Nelson Marcelo Romero Aquino, Manassés Ribeiro, Matheus Gutoski, Cesar Vargas Benitez and Heitor Silverio Lopes.

A Gene Expression Programming Approach for Evolving Multi-Class Image Classifiers

72 Vanessa A. Gironda Aquize, Eduardo E. Cavalcanti Santos and Fernando Buarque de Lima Neto

Self-organizing Maps for Anomaly Detection in fuel consumption.

75 Denis Mayr Lima Martins, Fernando B. De Lima Neto and Gottfried Vossen

Learning Database Queries via Intelligent Semiotic Machines

77 José Alfredo Ferreira Costa, João Ribeiro De Andrade, Antônio Paulo Vieira Pinto and Marcial Guerra De Medeiros.

Clustering of regional HDI data using Self-Organizing Maps

79 Tiago Lima, Bruno Fernandes and Pablo Barros.

Human Action Recognition with 3D Convolutional Neural Network

80 Yves M. Galvão, Vinícius A. Albuquerque, Bruno J. T. Fernandes and Mêuser J. S. Valença.

Anomaly Detection in Smart Houses: Monitoring Elderly Daily Behavior For Fall Detecting

81 Janderson Ferreira, Milla Ferro, Bruno Fernandes, Mễuser Valença, Carmelo Bastos-Filho and Pablo Barros.

Extreme Learning Machine Autoencoder for Data Augmentation

82 Paulo Barbosa and Luis Menezes.

SPEA – MA: A social evolutionary algorithm for managing multiple transmissions

83 Danilo R. B. Araújo, Gustavo H. P. S. Barros, Carmelo J. A. Bastos Filho and Joaquim Martins Filho

Surrogate Models Assisted by Neural Networks to Assess the Resilience of Networks

85 Alvaro David Orjuela-Cañón, Andrés Felipe Ruíz Olaya and Leonardo Forero-Mendoza.

Deep Neural Network for EMG signal classification of wrist position: preliminary results

89 Samuel S. Santos, Hatus V. Wanderley and Fernando Buarque de Lima Neto

Automatic Flow Signal Analysis for Airway Secretion Detection in Ventilator-Dependent Patients with Artificial Immunological Systems

96 Carlos Rodrigues, Cássio Vinhal and Gélson Da Cruz.

Fully convolutional networks to segment images from an embedded camera

99 Savio Menezes Sampaio and Celso Gonçalves Camilo-Junior.

IVF/NSGAII: In Vitro Fertilization Method Coupled to NSGAII

102 Oscar Edmit Quispe Poccohuanca, Alexander Victor Ocsa Mamani and Ricardo Rildo Coronado Perez.

Latent Semantic Indexing and Convolutional Neural Network for Multi-Label and Multi-Class Text Classification

103 Marcos Oliveira, Diego Silva, Mariana Macedo, Carmelo Bastos-Filho and Ronaldo Menezes

Better Exploration–Exploitation Pace, Better Swarm: Examining the Social Interactions

106 Rocio Ochoa-Montiel, M.A. Carrasco-Aguilar, Carlos Sánchez-López and F. J. Albores-Velasco.

Images Segmentation by using Differential Evolution with Contraints Handling

109 Diogo Silva, Leticia Seijas and Carmelo Bastos-Filho

Pedestrian Detection in Digital Videos Using Committee of Motion Features Extractors