Accepted Poster-2017


3 Fábio A. P. Paiva, Cláudio R. M. Silva, Izabele V. O. Leite, Marcos H. F. Marcone and José Alfredo Ferreira Costa.

Modified Bat Algorithm With Cauchy Mutation and Elite Opposition-Based Learning

7 Jesús Lovón-Melgarejo, Manuel Castillo-Cara, Gusseppe Bravo-Rocca, Luis Orozco-Barbosa and Ismael García-Varea.

Supervised learning algorithms for indoor localization fingerprinting using BLE4.0 Beacons

20 Reynaldo Alfonte Zapana, Cristian López Del Alamo and Ana Maria Cuadros Valdivia.

Characterization of Climatological Time Series using Autoencoders

34 Alma Y. Alanis, Nancy Arana-Daniel, Carlos Lopez-Franco, Marco A. Perez-Cisneros and Edgar N. Sanchez.

PSO for Parametric Identification of Rotatory Induction Motors using Experimental Data with Unknown Time-Delays

50 Gerrit Kasper, Diego de Siqueira Braga, Denis Mayr Lima Martins and Bernd Hellingrath.

User Profile Acquisition: A Comprehensive Framework to Support Personal Information Agents

52 Alynne C. Saraiva De Queiroz and Jose Alfredo Ferreira Costa.

Knowledge Extraction from Time Series of Electric Energy Demand using Temporal Data Mining

56 Cristian Rodriguez Rivero, Julian Pucheta, Yvan Tupac, Gustavo Juarez, Leonardo Franco and Paula Otano.

Time-series Prediction with BEMCA Approach: application to short rainfall series

62 Estefanía Pereyra, Gastón Araguás and Miroslav Kulich.

Sequential path planning for a formation of mobile robots with split and merge

63 Yanne M. G. Soares and Roberta A. A. Fagundes.

Software Time Estimation Using Regression Methods

74 Igor Farias, Bruno Fernandes, Edison Albuquerque and Byron Leite.

Tracking and counting of vehicles for flow analysis from urban traffic videos

86 Ludmila Lopes and Gustavo Almeida.

Clustering Techniques Applied to Detection of Inefficiency in Electrical Submersible Pumps Startup

87 Guilherme Costa Silva, João Luis R. Silva, Adriano C. Lisboa, Douglas A. G. Vieira and Rodney R. Saldanha.

Advanced Fuzzy Time Series Applied to Short Term Load Forecasting

97 Cecilia Flavia Silva and Clauirton Albuquerque Siebra.

An Investigation on the use of Convolutional Neural Network for Image Classification in Embedded Systems

98 Matheus Ullmann, Kayo Pimentel, Leonardo de Melo and Gelson Cruz-Júnior.

Comparison of PSO Variants Applied to Large Scale Optimization Problems

104 Luis Mantilla and Yessenia Yari.

Multispectral Images Segmentation using Fuzzy Probabilistic Local Cluster for unsupervised clustering

107 Alexander Ocsa, Jose Luis Mango, Ricardo Coronado, Oscar Quispe, Carlos Arbieto and Cristian Lopez Del Alamo.

Approximate nearest neighbors by deep hashing on large-scale search: Comparison of representations and retrieval performance