Accepted Papers-2019

*** Notice that the accepted papers here are not grouped into the three topics of interest of LA-CCI

      (this will be set when the Official Program is with all technical sessions decided)


Paper # Author(s) Title
2 Riemann Ruiz Cruz, Chelsi Sedano and Oscar Flores Genetic optimization of a trading algorithm based on pattern recognition
4 Rodrigo Monteiro and Carmelo J. A. Bastos Filho Detecting Defects in Sanitary Wares Using Deep Learning
5 Dustin Carrión, Héctor Mejía, Rigoberto Fonseca, Pilar Gómez and Manuel Ramírez A method for studying how much time of EEG recording is needed to have a good user identification
9 Francisco Mojica, Carlos Villaseñor, Alma Y. Alanis and Nancy Arana-Daniel Long Short-Term Memory with Smooth Adaptation
12 Gladston Moreira and Luís Paquete Guiding under uniformity measure in the decision space
13 Erick Rodríguez-Esparza, Laura A. Zanella-Calzada, Diego Oliva, Salvadro Hinojosa and Marco Perez-Cisneros Multilevel segmentation for automatic detection of malignant masses in digital mammograms based on threshold comparison
14 Diego Oliva, Salvador Hinojosa, Marcella S. R. Martins, Erick Rodriguez-Esparza, Noé Ortega-Sanchez and Marco Pérez-Cisneros Improving the estimation of parameters in induction motors using an evolutionary computation algorithm
15 Faisal Rehman, Shahid Iqbal and Muhaamad Shahzad Faisal Significance of Linguistic Indicators for Location Prediction
16 Yawar Abbas, Shahid Iqbal and Salabat Khan Investigation of Linguistic Characteristics for Product Defect Identification
17 Tobias Reischmann and Breno Menezes Application of Swarm-intelligent Methods to Optimize Error-tolerant Graph Matching for Automatic E-Assessment
18 Felipe Moreno Performing Deep Recurrent Double Q-Learning for Atari Games
22 Anderson Brilhador, Matheus Gutoski, Leandro Takeshi Hattori, Andrei de Souza Inácio, André Eugênio Lazzaretti and Heitor Silvério Lopes Classification of Weeds and Crops at the Pixel-Level Using Convolutional Neural Neural Networks and Data Augmentation
23 Ricardo Muñoz Bocanegra, Jesús Alfonso López, Héctor Satizabal and Andrés Pérez Uribe Fruit and Vegetable Information System Using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
24 Diego Rivera, Felipe Grijalva, Byron Alejandro Acuña Acurio and Robin Álvarez Towards a Mobile and Fast Melanoma Detection System
27 Juan López, Jesus López, Diogo Leite and Carlos Peña Applying one-class learning algorithms to predict phage-bacteria interactions
28 Sergio Mario Lins Galdino and Paulo Romero Martins Maciel Hierarchical Cluster Analysis of Interval-valued Data Using Width of Range Euclidean Distance
29 José Alfredo Ferreira Costa and Nestor D. Lucena Júnior Self-organizing maps applied to analysis of state energy balances
33 Juan Camilo Ramírez and Miguel Ángel Jiménez Prediction of effective treatments for human papillomavirus infection using machine learning
34 Jimena Ferreira, Ana Inés Torres and Martín Pedemonte A Comparative Study on the Numerical Performance of Kaizen Programming and Genetic Programming for Symbolic Regression Problems
36 Oscar Guarnizo and Israel Pineda Three Dimensional Adaptive Path Planning Simulation Based On Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
37 Grasiele Duarte and Beatriz Lima A new operation for Dynamic Island Model to promote diversity in Evolutionary Algorithms
38 Enrique Pelaez, Fernanda Bertuccez Cordeiro, Washington Cárdenas Medranda and Michael Barrett A Machine Learning-Based algorithm for the assessment of clinical metabolomic fingerprints in Zika virus disease
39 Carlos Brusil, Felipe Grijalva, Román Lara and Mario Ruiz A Semi-Supervised Approach for Microseisms Classification from Cotopaxi Volcano
40 Rafael de Lima, Sérgio Fernandes and Igor Melo Fourier Genetic Series: An Evolutionary Time Series Modeling Technique
41 Leandro Silva, George Azevedo, Bruno Fernandes, Byron Bezerra, Estanislau Lima and Sergio Oliveira Automatic Optical Inspection for Defective PCB Detection Using Transfer Learning
42 Byron Alejandro Acuña Acurio, Luiz César Martini, Lucas Lui Motta, Julio Cesar Larco Bravo and Felipe Leonel Grijalva Arévalo Table Detection for Improving Accessibility of Digital Documents using a Deep Learning Approach
44 Brenda Berno, Ademir Gabardo, Leandro Hattori, Andrei Inacio, Matheus Gutoski and Heitor Lopes A Framework for Analyzing Book Covers and Co-purchases using Object Detection and Data Mining Methods
49 Angel Ayala, Estanislau Lima, Bruno Fernandes, Byron Leite and Francisco Cruz Lightweight and efficient octave convolutional neural network for fire recognition
50 Jose Manuel Vera and Andres G. Abad Deep Reinforcement Learning for Routing a Heterogeneous Fleet of Vehicles
51 Diego Andrade Teixeira, Sérgio Murilo Fernandes, Ericks Rodrigues, Thyago Monteiro and Edison de Queiroz Albuquerque Virtual Network Allocation (SDN) in Cloud Computing Used Evolutionary Algorithm
53 Eduardo Avendaño Fernandez and Luis Angel Lara González Advanced Clustering Demodulation of Non-Gaussian Distortions in 16-QAM and 4+12 PSK Constellation Diagrams
55 Martha Garzón and Sergio Rojas-Galeano An Agent-Based Model of Urban Pigeon Swarm Optimisation
56 Mario Peña, Patricia Ortega and Marcos Orellana A novel imputation method for missing values in air pollutant time series data
57 Andres Jaramillo, Luis Unapanta and Marco Benalcazar Short-Term Hand Gesture Recognition using Electromyography in the Transient State, Support Vector Machines, and Discrete Wavelet Transform
58 Pedro Lucas and Enrique Pelaez A Granular Synthesis Strategy Based on Musical Harmony Theory Through a Fuzzy Logic Approach
59 Ana Marys Garcia Rodríguez, Alejandro Perdomo Vergara, Yordanis Milanés Zamora, Yaimí Trujillo Casañola, Juan Pedro Febles Rodríguez and Hardam Darias González Scenario optimization in Software Process Improvement applying evolutionary techniques and association rules
61 Josimar Chire and Atinesh Singh A Comparative Analysis of Quantum inspired evolutionary algorithm with DE, ES and PSO
64 Denis Martins, Jens Lechtenbörger and Gottfried Vossen Supporting Customers with Limited Budget in Data Marketplaces
65 Juan Carlos Figueroa-García, Roman Neruda and Alvaro David Orjuela-Cañón On the boundaries of the centroid of a class of fuzzy numbers
66 Bolívar Chacua-Criollo, Iván García-Santillán, Paul Rosero-Montalvo, Luis Suárez-Zambrano, Iván Ramírez-Morales, Zhima Simbaña-Quilumbaquín and Marco Pusda-Chulde People identification through Facial Recognition using Deep Learning
67 Sergio Mario Lins Galdino and Paulo Romero Martins Maciel Weight Pair Group Average Mean Clustering for Interval-valued Data
68 Millaray Curilem, Ricardo Soto, Fernando Huenupan, Cesar San Martin, Luis Franco and Carlos Cardona Hierachical classification structure based on SVM for volcano seismic events.
69 Marcelo Lacerda, Fernando Lima Neto, Hugo Amorim Neto, Herbert Kuchen and Teresa Ludermir On the Learning Properties of Dueling DDQN in Parameter Control for Evolutionary and Swarm-based Algorithms
70 Anderson Vinícius Alves Ferreira, Carmelo José Albanez Bastos Filho and Anthony José da Cunha Carneiro Lins An Unsupervised Analysis of an Alzheimer’s Disease Patient Population Using Subspace Search and Hierarchical Density-Based Clustering
71 Alejandro Fernández Gil, Mariam Gómez Sánchez and Carlos Castro Valdebenito Integrating a SMT Solver based Local Search in Ant Colony Optimization for Solving RCMPSP
72 Andrés N. Vargas González, Senglee Koh, Gustavo I. Cali Mena, Shreyas Somashekara and Joseph J. LaViola Jr Shoot-Out: Exploring HyperNEAT for an optimal Final-Third Approach in Robocup-2D Soccer
74 Anibal Flores, Hugo Tito and Carlos Silva CBRi: A Case Based Reasoning-Inspired Approach for Univariate Time Series Imputation
75 Carlos Cevallos, Lorena Siguenza-Guzman and Mario Peña Hybrid algorithm for supply chain optimization of assembly companies