POSTPONEMENT Message from the organizers – May 21, 2020.

Dear Colleagues, Students, Sponsors, Supporting Societies and General attendance, after a careful debate among the Local Organizers in Chile, later expanded to the Steering Committee of the LA-CCI Series, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and its nasty outcome for all, together we came to the conclusion that, to the best interest and safety of all, the year 2020 will not see the 7th Edition of our cherished Conference.

We would like to stress that we duly assessed the possibility of hosting the Conference in an on-line or semi-presencial manner. But it would not meet our values (they are featured on our Series Manifesto) and possibly would curtail greatly our impact. For example we would not foster mobility of academics/students, we would not promote a first-person perspective of Science (CI) in Latin America, and we would likely pose some risks to participants/organizers.

Therefore hereby we passed on this painful decision: postponement for one year. The bright side though is that all will be up and running again, same place, same organizing team, and probably same period, next year. And as we are going to have a way more time, please get your papers ready and strike a deal, which is to produce next year the biggest and nicest LA-CCI of all.

I hope to see you next 2021 in Temuco-Chile.

Thanks for your understanding!

-Stay safe! And remember that together (and healthy) we are stronger!

WARNING Message from the organizers – March 25, 2020.

As the world is on a complete halt these days, it is too soon to anticipate the outcome and impact of this pandemic in our daily lives. The Organizing Team and Steering Committee of LA-CCI2020 are now monitoring the situation in relation to Corona-virus (COVID-19) and its potential consequences towards our conference.  At the moment we are continuing the activities as planned, that is we are planning to hold the Conference on mid November, 2020.

For sure we will abide to all the directions and regulations emanated from the WHO (World Health Organization) and national governments, especially the Chilean health authorities. We will also keep you informed of any changes. But for now keep writing your papers and let us not allow Science to stop!

Meanwhile stay safe, and as much as possible, try not to leave the security of your homes! This single action, as you may know, has the potential to reduce the transmission rate of the epidemics and consequently will allow our health services to keep up with this enormous  challenge posed to all of us.

The Organizers and Steering Committee of LA-CCI2020.

Please regularly visit the WHO Website

(here is the link

Electron microscope image made available by the U.S. National Institutes of Health in February 2020. 
It shows the Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 (NIAID-RML via AP).